Electromechanical Engineering

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National diploma in electromechanical engineering

  • [ssba]


The general objective of IPSAS training is to train versatile engineers, in the fields of electrical and mechanical engineering, capable of designing, producing and analyzing elements and systems of the industrial-economic environment according to a project approach. This is why this training allows the engineer to acquire the knowledge, skills and aptitudes necessary to ensure the operation and maintenance of production equipment in a context of total quality and technological change, intervene at the first operational level, repair the various systems and their various components, work in one or other of the various types of production companies.


The work of electromechanical engineers is omnipresent in our daily life made of electrical, mechanical or electromechanical machines, which we use regularly. In other words, the opportunities and employability of the electromechanical engineer are virtually guaranteed in companies in the business sectors.

Program plan