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Founder's word

Mr. Najib Kammoun

Twenty years or a little more is not enough in the life of an institution, but it is enough to successfully stand out from the beaten track. In its vision of the training of executives of a continent (Africa) in the making, IPSAS has always proposed to achieve a double objective:,

Train an engineer up to date with new technologies.

Give it the ability to react and adapt to situations where often the minimum of technology is provided.

By choosing IPSAS, you are choosing to learn how to think, react and manage situations. Thanks to a teaching staff fully involved in this process of acquiring a method in addition to knowledge, IPSAS can already be proud of its graduates who are pursuing careers in Tunisia and throughout Africa and the world.

By becoming an IPSAS student, you are making the best choice, and you guarantee yourself the possibility of choosing your profession tomorrow. As you progress through your visit to our site, you will hopefully feel that you are part of the world of IPSAS, of a future that can be realized.


  • IPSAS is also a builder, it provides training in civil engineering and architecture.

  • IPSAS is an explorer, and training as a petroleum engineer is new territory that we will help you discover.

  • IPSAS is a private higher education institution, exclusively focused on training executives in the various fields of engineering.

  • IPSAS is in line with the times, that of digital, electronics or mechanics.


Governance, optimization, knowing how to transmit: three key words in the pedagogical strategy of IPSAS.

it means adapting the appropriate pedagogy to a small group of students.

it means choosing the best trainer for a module and guaranteeing optimal performance in the acquisition of knowledge

it means organizing and arranging the training modules and reserving the appropriate time volumes for them, allowing the student to be able to deepen their knowledge on their own.

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