Electrical Engineering and Industrial Electricity

Course Features

Diplôme national d'ingénieur en Génie électrotechnique et Electricité Industrielle

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The purpose of teaching in this discipline is to provide high-level theoretical and practical knowledge in the indicated specialty, which ensures solid training in the various current fields of Electrotechnical Engineering & Industrial Electricity. Currently, the various sectors related to this engineering require the presence of electrical engineers specialized in specific fields, with solid knowledge in the various current sectors of the Electrotechnical Engineering & Industrial Electricity discipline. As a result, a modern, solid technological training, adapted to current industrial life and requiring the specialization of engineers in various fields of electrical engineering, is essential.


The diplomas prepared within this department make it possible to offer career prospects in several national sectors with strong growth potential. Graduates are able to exercise positions of responsibility in various specialties, including Automation, Electrical Engineering, Electronics, Power Electronics, Industrial Computing, Instrumentation, Electrical Measurements, Microelectronics , Signal Processing, Imaging, etc.

Program plan

Module de la 1ére année

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Module de la 2éme année

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